In February 2006 I have graduated in “Strategic Communication and Planning” (Diploma) at the University of Arts in Berlin after finishing my final thesis with the German title “Bilder als Botschafter. Die Rolle des Visuellen beim globalen Wissensprojekt dropping knowledge.”. (“Images as Messengers. The Role of the Visual within the global knowledge project dropping knowledge".)

My course of study involved four main subject areas of which I chose “Audio-Visual Communication / Contemporary Media / Design” as my 1st major subject. As a 2nd major I chose “Communications Planning / Marketing”, and the others were “Communications Science” and “Verbal Communication”. As a minor subject I studied “Cultural Science / Science of Art”.

At university I also gained a lot of practical experience in the fields of communication strategy and media production, as well as the ability to work in a team environment. One crucial experience was the planning and creation of an integrated communication campaign for a non-profit foundation (the “Berlin Community Foundation”). This included market research, communication strategy, campaign development, audio-visual realisation and design as well as media strategy and scheduling.

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